First Leg of the Trip – Sailing South from New York, New York!


4 thoughts on “First Leg of the Trip – Sailing South from New York, New York!

  1. Wowza! What an amazing adventure you are on Mike. Sorry to hear about the sea sickness but hopefully that is all behind you now. Love the pictures. NYC is so much prettier from the water and what a perfect day you had there. It seems you are making really good time but I know nothing about ocean travel. Looks like some nasty weather hitting now in NC so glad there is no need to take chances with mother nature and you are able to wait it out.
    Thinking of you often and wishing you well.

  2. Dude you need to stop doing everything or there’ll be nothing left for me to do first. Who am I kidding though, I was never going to do this. Hope you’re having fun, your brother is jealous.

  3. Also loved Capt. Rick’s comment on the calm ocean. My heart is with you guys. Prayers for many wonderful experiences as well as safety. Great story Mike, I’m enjoying it as it unfolds. Thanks to all three of you! Have fun!!!

  4. Lynn – I know, this is really a fun lifestyle. I’ve had my doubts like with every big commitment, but I’m enjoying myself and I’m sure it will be incredible once I actually get to the tropics! So nice here in North Carolina with palmetto trees and warm air… but yes it is raining and we’re stuck here, it’s been relaxing, I’m happy we’re not in a rush. Plus I just bought a bicycle ahh, planning to bike the overseas highway a bit!!! I look forward to when I can see you and Maggie again, thanks for reading as always!

    Jimmy, we used to think you were going to be a boat owner and sail the world working remotely from the middle of the Atlantic. You could do that if you really wanted to, but nahhh you don’t want to do that. But you could always do a passage with Dad and I someday, you know, join us for cruising the MED or the South Seas!!! Or you could come visit and explore Jamaica, I’m going to hike the tallest mountain there, Blue Mountain Peak.

    And Dad, Captain Rick reminds me of you in a few ways… haha not always good like with you I can say, “No, Dad, that’s silly,” but I can’t with him!! That ocean was FLAT CALM, like GLASS, like a mill pond…. haha, we’re having fun


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