Chapter Twenty Three – YOU CAN’T SKIP THE GOAT ROCKS!

“July 22nd Today we’re sitting, trapped in the tent this morning due to steady rain. Washington’s fine high pressure system we’ve been enjoying for three weeks fell through. We made it to White Pass, there was no snow and the trail was beautiful. We hiked 21 miles the first day, then 19, 17, 14, 13, 15, so on the sixth day we exited the wilderness…”

Our first segement of PCT had been successfully thru-hiked and it put us about 148 miles from Cascade Locks Oregon. We had planned to get there for August and however dysfunctionally we had been hiking the PCT, we were still on schedule. We were trapped in the rain at White Pass for two and a half days before plunging back into the wild. The exposed ridges of the Goat Rocks were next for us…