Back East at Breakheart Pond

This is my new blog, getting ready for some big adventures soon.

Rhode-Island-Exeter-ArcadiaCurrently I’m happy to find I can still live in my truck on the East Coast. They do in fact have some dirt roads and free space here just like out west! Thank God, I was worried.

So I went to Exeter, Rhode Island, the western part of the little state, and found a nice road to a place called Frosty Hollow. Spent a couple days there.

Breakheart Pond2



A peaceful bike ride through Arcadia forest

Breakheart Pond

The forest is beautiful, wet, humid, warm, sticky and itchy because its July but its cool here by default. It’s not so bad, I do miss Death Valley but this place just makes me realize everything I love about Death Valley, and Death Valley made me realize all the things I love about here. The world is a really great place. I think I’ll keep this blog about the east for the next couple months, planning to go up to Cape Breton Island and such in Canada soon. Enjoy and Thanks for reading!